God’s Gift-14 Days Episode 15 Ramblings

It hurts me to say it but this was a rather lackluster episode! It just didn’t have the oomph! necessary for a penultimate episode! However, it did contain a lot of answers to our overall mystery! Here’s hoping for a strong finale…(I’m already having withdrawal symptoms, especially not being able to watch my Jo Seung Woo on screen two times a week, who else is with me?!?)

The episode begins with the dilemma that ended the last episode! DC and SH must make a decision on who to save between DH and SB since both require the jewelry evidence! DC apologizes to SH, and for the first time, he can’t oblige her requests! His brother is on death row because of him and he very well will get his brother out of jail! We even get this sad scene of DH feeding his mice saying that since DC is guilty he will be released from prison to live happily with mom, Yg and DC. ;(

SH goes to HJH with some fake jewelry and demands that he calls the chief of staff to tell him to let SB go since she has the jewelry. So the meeting is put in place. SH will do the jewelry exchange while HJH will get SB! Tattoo Hand (who’s actually pretty nice to SB since she reminds him of his own deceased son) brings SB and releases her to HJH! SH does the trade, but once Chief of Staff finds out that they were fake he calls Tattoo Hand who punches HJH and takes SB again! SH hears this on the phone and goes out to hold on to the man doing the exchange and gets beat up in the process. During this whole exchange, I was screaming at the all to get in their car and drive away fast! Why were they just idling, especially SH! Don’t talk to your, tell HJH to speed out of there, same for her! Seriously people! Poorly executed scene!

We also have a scene of the chief secretary looking at the files for DH, YG and DC! Strangely, there seems to be a brain scan attached to DC’s file…what’s that all about? Any medical professionals up in here?

DC goes to meet with DH and we finally hear about what DH saw that night! It turns out after DC left, DH stayed to protect SJ until DC returned! After nodding off, he goes to check up on SJ but sees some alcohol bottles and a man wearing DC’s sweater on top of SJ choking her! In a state of shock he takes a picture of the scene with his camera and runs off! Thinking that DC had one of his drunken blackouts, DH decided to hide the body and when DC saw that DH was dumping SJ’s body in the lake, DH was quick to say that he killed SJ, not DC!

DC asks DH why he admitted to the other two Mujin killings, did DH think DC also committed them! DH says no but some man told DH that if he didn’t admit to them then they would they would get DC. DC is feeling super guilty but DH, the BEST OLDER BROTHER, apologizes for being stupid and embarrassing DC again, like when they were younger. He also says that as long as DC is innocent, he’s not afraid to die. That doesn’t really help with the guilt aspect of all this but it’s the thought that counts.

DC is determined to get DH out of there and actually goes to the police station with the evidence (can we really trust the police now?) but thinks back to his promise to protect SB!

He gets a call from HJH pleading him to save SB and that SH is unconscious after her beating. Although he says he doesn’t want to hear it, DC goes to the hospital to check on his ahjumma and calls HJH out to the balcony to give him a long overdue and well deserved beating. DC asks why SH and SB should pay for his actions but DC, even the softie, ends up asking for the number of Tattoo Hand’s number.

DC sends a text to Tattoo Hand to meet at a demolition site, like they did before. DC brings the jewelry and Tattoo brings SB. However, before Tattoo can get his hands on the jewelry, DC his BT reel the evidence away with a fishing rod. BT runs to get SB but since a big group of baddies with bats show up they run and BT hides SB in a building.

DC and Tattoo fight it out and DC beats the crap out of Tattoo. DC asks why he killed SJ but Tattoo manages to say that it wasn’t him. As expected. DC gets knocked out by one of the other baddies. He gets tied up and thrown in a put to be buried alive and Tattoo uses his life to get SB to show up. SB is fearing for her Ahjusshi’s life but DC warns her not to go out and that this is just a game! If she goes to the baddies then they will lose! He even calls her his “bride” again like during the freezer incident. No matter how much SB wants to listen to her ahjusshi, she fears for his safety a lot more so she goes out from her hiding spot and asks Tattoo that if she goes with him, they’ll let Ahjusshi go. A deal is made and I’m moved by her actions. But I bet DC was thinking he didn’t do all that so that she would be kidnapped again!

BT shows up with HG, and no other cops even though BT called the crime in (see no cops can be trusted right now). BT still has the jewelry and DC is angry that he didn’t use it to trade for SB’s safety. BT says that he knows that jewelry is evidence to save DH and to him, DC is more important than SB and after everything DC’s gone through, he aint giving the evidence up. Aw. Wish SH gave some thought to DC’s predicament like that!

DC realizes that the prophecy that SH told him about, “one must die for the other to live” must be about DH and SB. He thinks back to SB showing up to save him even though her safety was in danger. He makes the decision to go to the hospital, touch SH’s hair (my OTP!!!!) and when Sh wakes up she finds the evidence in her hands! Awwwww, DC-ah, why are you always sacrificing for others!?!? Sh looks for him but can’t find him!

Gramps meets with Chief of Staff and the tension is palpable. Seems like Gramps is ready to reveal the truth behind everything but Chief of Staff threatens him with his grandson and daughter-in-law that are living in the states! That gets Gramps by surprise and his heart condition worsens! I hope he doesn’t die!

SH makes the call to Tattoo hand for the exchange! I was cracking up because although this time it’s legit, this is like the third time they made the call about how they are going to turn in the jewelry! You have to think the other party is going to suspect something by now! lol They meet and this time Tattoo hand chose not to bring SB until he can prove the evidence is really there this time! SH cuffs herself to Tattoo and makes him take her to SB’s kidnapping location!

On the way, they talk about why he’s doing all of this. It’s all to put the man who killed his son to death! He’s thankful for HJH for everything he did to put the murderer on death row but after 10 years, the man is still alive and well in prison. Chief of Staff promised him that by doing all this, the first person to be executed will be his son’s murderer.

When SH and Tattoo show up to the hideout, SB is missing. Tattoo drives off (looking rather angry, I’m assuming because part of the deal was probably to not harm the child) and SB stands in front of the car to block him. Stupid idea but thanks to DC, who’s been following her the entire time (even saying that he really can’t leave ahjumma alone—that’s what I’m saying!!!) grabs her out in time.

They split up to look for SB but SH notices a picture of a camera that SB drew. SH thinks back to the CCTV left behind in SB’s room. She brings it to DC’s office (my DC buttoning up his black shirt–hot) and DC, SH and BT all check out the video of SB coming back from the night she was supposedly kidnapped and she was smart enough to talk to the camera telling her ahjusshi that she found some pics form YG’s camera. She puts the pictures in front of the camera and what would you know, that third photo SH left behind showed the President’s son as the person taking the picture of the Moojin Princelings and SJ.

Turns out SB was watching a clip of the President’s Son and recognized him from the pictures. Her captor saw the pictures and the Chief of Staff, saying that she knows too much, so she needs to be taken care of! Seriously, she’s like a 9 year old girl, what can she possibly understand about this entire conspiracy.

There’s also this weirdly edited scene where we see HG goes through the notebook of DH’s prison guard. I wonder what he reads..

DC and SH confront the President’s son whose resting in the hospital after his confrontation with SH! After the First Son sees the pictures, he calls for a private meeting with them! He’s a gross and slimy bastard who really hasn’t repented for his crimes.

Flashback. He tells them that he met up with the Mujin Princelings for the fishing festival and ex-mayor’s son recognized SJ as the daughter of the man who cleans his house. Dh was also tagging along with SJ! The boys ask to take a picture with SJ and DH takes some for DC and President’s Son also takes one. When Gramps’ son comments on how DH is ‘retarded’, president’s son gets defensive since he has a lame leg and people made fun of him by calling him Hephaestus (Greek God that had a limp). The other boys also suggest they eat some candy tonight (rock Heroin).

The boys crashed the place SJ and DC were having their romantic moment. The President’s son, awoken by the cold, goes to get his jacket just when SJ shows up thinking he was DC. The president’s son shuts her up after she realized they were doing drugs and when SJ calls him lame and to get off of her, he gets angrier starts strangling her. Really, you took a life because they called you a name?!?!? He gets scared and calls the Chief of Staff to help him since he just murdered someone. The Chief shows up and takes care of it for him.

He laughs in DC’s face that if he just kept quiet, this entire mess wouldn’t happen and that since he’s the President’s son he safe! DC starts strangling him (which I actually quite enjoyed…is that wrong? How to let DC kill this terrible human being without harming his conscience….?) and SH recognizing that DC very well might kill the bastard, tries to pull him off but he’s too angry and determined. The clock winds down to D-Day.

What were your thoughts on this episode?

We still need quite a few questions answered:

1) How did SB’s hair clip end up in DC’s pocket and why was his sleeve all bloodied?
2) How did the person who framed DH know about the secret hideout?
3) Will my DC and SH become a couple? (most importantly)


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