Cast Interview of God’s Gift-14 Days & More BTS

I seriously can’t believe that God’s Gift only has two more episodes to air! 😦 But at least I am comforted in the fact that it will have a special episode filled with more wonderful BTS, NGs, and cast interviews! Before then, here’s just some cast interviews and BTS footage I wanted to share! ^_^

Some kind fans from Jo Seung Woo Vietnam Fanpage on Facebook was kind enough to sub the GG cast interview! Everyone really seems to get along well and it must be a blast to work on the set since everyone has such an amazing sense of humor! I love that Jo Seung Woo and Kim Tae Woo pick on Lee Bo Young like little school boys making her speechless but you can definitely sense the camaraderie!

Some of my favorite bits from the interview:
KTW was asked who he was most excited to work with and he said LBY, but the funny part was what he said after that:

Love how JSW always manages to make these hilarious jokes with such a straight face!

Here’s another bts video released by SBSTVJobs showing us once again how adorable Jo Seung Woo, Lee Bo Young and Kim Yoo Bin are! Sometimes JSW acts more like a child than KYB! Lol

And more random bts pictures I wanted to share, some are older (as you can tell, JSW is my bias :D)!


6 thoughts on “Cast Interview of God’s Gift-14 Days & More BTS

  1. snow says:

    I loved Jo Seung Woo in his film Classic but quite forgot about him as it was a long time ago when I watched it….but as I’m watching GG – 14 days, my love for him has rekindled…he is simply awesome!
    I’m also sad that the show is ending this week…it was surely an amazing ride…hope for a happy ending for everyone…
    Thanks for sharing the BTS materials 🙂


    • dramapenchant says:

      Hi! I love reading your GG14D recaps!

      I also watched The Classic a few years back but completely forgot about it until I saw JSW in GG! He is just so amazing! I’m officially a huge fan if his now! Managed to watch most of his movies musical clips but couldn’t do Horse Doctor! Lol

      I really want a happy ending where everyone I care for is alive and where DC and SH become a couple (to SB’s jealousy–but she’ll survive with DC being her step-dad)! However I’m so worried about the dilemma at the end of ep. 14 and that someone will have to pay the universe back for the gift and messing with fate. DC will probably end up making a sacrifice to save both SB and DH, being the knight in bruised armor that he is…(I’m also worried that the writer has still not cleared DC from tge suspect list yet)


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