God’s Gift-14 Days Episode 14 Mini-Recap

This was a really good episode, giving us more answers to the events of the previous timeline! The show also throws at DC and SH a dilemma where two lives are at stake and a difficult choice needs to be made!

So SH was only holding a banana and napkin to threaten the President’s granddaughter. It was the son who tackled her, but since she left her phone call with DC on while this was all happening, DC managed to turn off the lights and find SH and take her away from the situation thanks to the glow in the dark dots that the ex-mayor’s son drew on her shoe in the previous episode!

Also, because one of the mother’s at the dinner recorded the whole thing and released it to the media, SH now has a warrant for her arrest as a result of what she did at the presidential dinner. SH finds out about her mom’s sacrifices and visits her at the hospital, where her mom’s “husband” calls it in. SH gets chased by two sets of cops, the good group including HG and the bad group under the commands of a corrupted officer!

DC brings SH to the hideout he made his hyung. He also finds out that it was WJ who shot YG after reading the NFS report left in the car for him by WJ! He’s pissed, and rightfully so, since he’s been living in hell from all the guilt, but he finds out that WJ got really injured!

While trying to protect SH and DC, WJ ends up pissing off the person who has been threatening him all along, so he gets beat up badly by a bunch of thugs! They make it seem like he got in an accident and is now in critical condition! Don’t die!!! Can’t believe they actually had the guts to harm a police officer and the son of a minister of justice at that!

DC returns to the hideout and watches SH sleep and comforts her when she has a nightmare about SB. He stays up all night to watch over her and when the sun is up, he moves so as to block the sun hitting her face so she can sleep! Awwww! Swoon! Too bad SH barely took note of this sweet gesture!

As DC heads out to buy some food and back ache medicine for SH (hilariously with his back turned since the owner was the same guy on the bike that he almost hit in episode 10) but he finds out his mom dropped by to by medicine for a “sick child”, SH watches the news and finds out that SB’s belonging were found at the same park as the first timeline. In a rush to head out of the hideout, she slips on the step and falls down and finds the thread and nail polish that was found on SB when her body was discovered!

DC and SH both confront grandma and turns out grandma found SB that night when she was running away from “tattoo hand” and used her to threaten HJH to give her the proof needed to save her son! She and YG stayed with SB in the hideout but because SB ate some acorn jelly, she had an allergic reaction so DC’s mom fearing that it was meningitis (the same illness that caused DH’s cognitive deficits) called HJH to come! He did and SB happened to have a nosebleed, which dripped on her shoe and bag, thus the blood found on SB’s belongings by the cops!

Knowing that HJH has SB, SH runs to him and asks where he kept her! Also, he claims that he was the one who put SB’s possessions in the park to be found so that he could make the press announcement where he blamed the president’s administration for what has happened to SB as a way to get SH off the warrant list. He tells SH that he placed SH and YG in the hands of some gangster friends and SH demands that he take her there now! Too bad, the corrupt cop that beat up WJ, is now monitoring their house and put a bug in their room so he knows where SB is too!

DC thinking that SB is now safe, focuses his attention on saving hyung! He asks his private detective friend to help him hack the cctv of the mental hospital, where he finds out that it was HJH who took the jewelry! He finds the gangsters HJH asked to watch over the jewelry in case something happens to him, and DC beats the crap out of them for it!

When SH and HJH come to the home where SB was hidden, they find out that the others came first and grabbed SB! They call and threaten HJH for the jewelry in exchange for his daughter’s safety! SH connects the dots and realizes that SB’s belongings were also found in the previous timeline in which she wasn’t on the warrant list, so why did HJH really put the belongings there! HJH confesses that 10 years ago, he found some errors in DH’s case and wanted to reinvestigate it but since there was a witness (Ay, DC-ah!) and DH confessed, there was no way to do it! When he found the jewelry in CBS’s possession, he used it as a bargaining chip to re-open the investigation! So HJH was a good guy after all (except for the cheating) and really fighting for the world he wants!! Sweet you go for it man, but I still need you to divorce SH so my ship can sail into the sunset!

HJH tells SH that the president had nothing to do with this but it was the president’s secretary who used to be HJH’s boss. You’d think, since he looked SOOOO suspicious from the beginning that it wouldn’t be him, too obvious right?!? But no he wants to be the next minister of justice so he does not want DH’s case re-opened since that would show his error in judgment from 10 years ago! The irony of murdering people so that you can be the Minister of JUSTICE! But that also explains why WJ could have found out about the results of the shooting incident and then cover it up!

But then who killed SJ??????

Damn! What an ending! SH runs to DC, who happily asks where SB is but his reaction changes as soon as he hears that SH needs the jewelry of the victims of the Mujin serial killer case from 10 years ago to exchange for SB’s safety. DC doesn’t want to give up the evidence that will re-open his hyung’s case, prove his innocence and save him from the death penalty. “For one to live the other must die”! Was the prophecy about DH and SB all along? Quite the dilemma facing out dynamic duo! What will they do? (side note: DC throws SB’s hair clip into the han river as he waits for SH because he thinks he no longer needs to worry about it since he thinks SB is safe but what can this mean?)

And c’mon y’all, as we head into the last week, join the discussion and leave some comments with your own thoughts and predictions! 😀


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