God’s Gift-14 Days Episode 13 Ramblings

This episode definitely gave us a lot of answers (most of which I think we had suspected and guessed all along, but it was nice to get that nail in the coffin)! DC and SH find themselves in the eye of a storm and the conspiracy goes much deeper than either the two of them could have ever imagined !

Thankfully the ex-mayor’s son lives! And manages to let SH connect the dots (literally!) to a drawing he was working on in his room which shows the image of a man strangling a woman! OMG, he was totally a witness to SJ’s murder 10 years ago! He also briefly writes something on SH’s shoe with the same magic marker as she was busy getting rid of the image so others won’t see it! Also there were two groups of thugs, I think one there to silence the ex-mayor’s son and the other to protect him!

SH draws the same image and shows DC later, to which he does not find at all surprising since he immediately recognizes the scene as that of his brother, DH, on top of SJ strangling her, from when DH re-enacted the crime scene for the police during the trial!

DC, leaves to get some fresh air and snacks and remembers that on the night where he was super drunk and ended up with SB’s hairpin, he tried to wave down a taxi! But where was he going? DC also ends up arrested by the same cops that arrested him in the first timeline as the security guard as SH’s house mentioned to them that DC was a gangster who came to ask for debt repayment.

SH of course, runs to her man’s defense and threatens to sue the police officers for libel! Cute! This even prompts the police officers to ask whether or not DC and SH are in fact a couple! This is the like nth time someone has mistaken them as each other’s significant others and the funny thing is, they never really deny it!!!!

SH gets dragged home by HJH, who says suspiciously, in a hidden warning, that if SH doesn’t stay still, both she and DC will not be safe and she might end up as a prime suspect herself! While at home, SH reads through SB’s journal and it looks like after SB’s night of running away, she managed to write in the journal when she stopped by the house! The key info was that SB writes about receiving the pictures from DH’s camera! SH smartly rips the pages out but the cctv camera that was left in the room records all this! Now I’m wondering if the cctv camera was one that DC forgot to take down in ep. 5 or was it placed there by someone else??

SH goes to the photography shop and asks for copies of the pictures! There are three that survived! One was of DC and SJ (the one we saw DH take during DC’s flashback), another of the very scene the ex-mayor’s son showed SH, of a man on top of a woman while strangling her! Wait, is that DC? He’s wearing DC’s sweater! But didn’t DC leave that behind on the chair when drinking with his friends? It better not be my DC! In SH’s rush, she leaves the 3rd photo that was developing behind, which looks like it shows that group from Mujin at a different angle!

SH confronts DC about the pictures, and he’s super shocked, but he’s adamant that the person in the picture is not him! I believe you sweetie!

Thankfully so does SH (but did she have to give him that silent stare for so long when he was freaking out), since she went to check the cctv that was placed right where DC was drinking with his friends and gave him an alibi with a time stamp!

Of course, filled with guilt after finding out that his brother wasn’t the person who killed SJ, and he was the one who put his brother behind bars or the last 10 years, DC is in a dazed state, filled with guilt and frustration! (sidenote: how did DH managed to take the picture of the murder without being noticed? I would think he’d be rather close and his camera has that bright flash so there’s no way the killer couldn’t have known, and would therefore destroy such evidence, but whatever)

DC confronts DH and shows his hyung the picture from his own camera asking who’s the person in the picture! Hyung sticks to his story saying it’s him, even when DC asks, then who took the picture! DC is quick to realize that Hyung thought DC, in one of his drunken blackouts, killed SJ, so hyung was trying to cover-up and protect DC, his little brother! When DC yells at DH for being stupid and that the man in the picture wasn’t him, DH was actually smiling and happy that it turns out his brother was in fact not a murderer! DC just screams in anger filled with guilt for what he has done to his brother when all his brother was doing was trying to protect him! (why is there so much dust in my eyes?)

SH finds DC sitting in the same tunnel as in episode 10 and comforts him. They start piecing together the fact that CBS was the murderer of the other 2 women in the Mujin serial killer case but not SJ since he had the jewelry from those women. This was what he wanted to tell SH. CBS was actually feeling guilty that DH took the fall for his crimes and that’s why he was keeping a close tab of YG and DC’s mom, thus the picture! That’s why he was silenced before he could tell SH the truth that DH is innocent. That’s also why he asked DC “why he did it” before he died, meaning why DC made a witness statement that put DH in prison when in fact he was guilty? But how did the weapons end up in the playhouse DC built for DH?

My DC sure looks fine in a suit! DC and SH try to find the pieces of jewelry that HJH took from SH when she was in the mental hospital ( I love that quick glance DC gives SH when he sees her dragged away in the cttv footage, like he’s feeling guilty for not being there for her then), but they only see tattoo man, so they are still unaware about HJH’s involvement in the greater scheme of things!

DC slowly starts to question WJ as the mole since it was him who said he couldn’t find the glove DC hid! WJ overhears this and realizes he might have been unintentionally involved in SB’s kidnapping, so he goes to confess to his father, the minister of justice, about his past wrongdoings! We finally see that DC and WJ both shot YG’s hostage taker at the same time but it was WJ that shot YG in the head! He is told about the report beforehand and covers it up, putting the blame entirely on my poor DC! At least he’s moving towards the road to redemption though! His dad writes a letter of resignation as a result, which will probably be of importance, since it is he who decides the list of those to be executed.

SH and DC re-enact the crime scene of CBS’s death and DC remembers seeing the logo of the Angel foundation there. They also find out that tattoo hand worked for Gramps and that he was the father of a murdered victim a while back when HJH was the prosecutor for the case but the criminal was not given the death sentence! Tatoo hand even visited Gramps to threaten him to stop interfering with his plans (of probably to get the murderer of his child on death row)! While visiting the tattoo hand’s house, DC and SH hear on the radio that the executions are going to happen and that the justice department will decide on the list! Oh no!

Gramps, Theo and the ex-Mayor of Mujin convene in a, I hope!, meeting of the good powers and discuss whether or not DC and SH are getting close to the truth and whether or not they’ll even survive the ordeal! They decide to hand the reins over to DC and SH completely and let them in on what they know!

SH and DC go to the presidential residence for the dinner the president in holding in honor of the victim’s family! SH manages to get in, but DC can’t since he’s not family…Say what, he’s practically family by now! Just lie and say you’re SB’s dad or step-dad or whatever! Seriously! But I guess bodyguard works too…
DC gets a phone call from gramps saying that if he wants to no more about the truth than to stop by the company. When he arrives he sees a picture of tattoo hand with the president! Notice the picture in the background! OF course the president is in it, someone must have a lot of political clout to cover up something like murder and then carry out the kidnapping of a child for his own political gains!

Just as SH was about the leave the dinner since she didn’t see tattoo hand, she receives a call from DC telling her about his findings! She see’s tattoo hand, who happens to be on the president’s secret service team. When she shakes hands with the president, she notices the image on his ring when makes her recall the same image SB drew in the shack where she was held captive! Thinking fast (or not really, because I question this move on her part), SH grabs a napkin, pretending it’s a knife and grabs the presidents granddaughter, demanding he give her back her daughter! Aish, SH-ah, this will only give the president the more reason to shut you and DC up for good, you are telling him that you know too much! As things are getting chaotic, the lights go out and SH is tackled by someone! I hope it’s our DC, but my gut feeling tells me it’s WJ!


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