God’s Gift-14 Days Episode 13 Preview

cr: uploader

Oh every is getting much more interesting with this newly released preview for episode 13!

The president seems to be attending an important meeting, maybe to discuss the death penalty? And we see WJ head somewhere but is blocked by some people! Hmm hopefully WJ has decided to wholeheartedly help DC and SH!

DC to the rescue!!! 😀 He didn’t look like he got to bruised and beaten after deal with those 4 thugs in the mental hospital!

I think we will finally get HJH’s backstory to when he was still a prosecutor (that hair is totally when he was a prosecutor)!

I wonder what HJH is announcing? Maybe he’s admitting to the errors from the trial 10 years ago on the part of the government? Please redeem yourself! And DC’s mom is getting shadier, but she’s also a desperate mom just trying to save her child, like SH! SH, do what you got to, but remember, she might be your future mother-in-law, so be nice (or as nice as you possibly can be)!

Oh! MY DC IN A SUIT IS HELLA SEXY! Ahjumma take a close look!

And of course, the most important scene in the preview must be the moment when DC finally confronted DH about what really happened that night 10 years ago! So DC finally got to see the pictures from DH’s camera that he took that night and it looks like what we’ve all been thinking, SJ’s death was a result of a sexual assault! Just look at the look of guilt, disbelief, anger, sadness, and a whole mix of emotions shown on DC’s face! :(( I cry for him!


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