God’s Gift-14 Days Episode 12 Ramblings

Everything is slowly coming together!!!!!! And it definitely looks like DC and SH are changing fate, but in what ways?! However, the closer DC and SH gets to solving the mystery and the deeper they become entangled in all these events, the more people who want to stop them and the more danger they are in!

Oh, the role reversals! It was great to see HJH be the one answering the call on live broadcast! The detail of the moment reflecting what happened in the original timeline, down to the cell phone drop was excellent!

Good thing HJH finally let SH out of the mental hospital and she gave him a well deserved slap to the face! A little harder would have been nice! (I am harsh on HJH but I won’t negate the fact that he did seem heartbroken when he found out his daughter was kidnapped and that he loves both SH and SB but the way he goes about “protecting” them is just wrong)!

Of course DC, the hero, was at the broadcast station as soon as he could (sooner if not for the well planned road accident) and when he found out his SB was kidnapped, he immediately ran into action to stop and search cars leaving the station! He was even observant enough to notice SB’s look of fear while rewatching the CCTV of the night! And of course, DC was there to escort SH home once she was released since he was smart enough to follow HJH!

During the scene where SB ran towards her nanny, I’m so proud that SB was smart enough to run away when she sensed something wrong! Turns out nanny wasn’t so innocent and was threatened to help lure SB out! At least she gave SB a warning signal, and our ever increasingly smart SB caught on and ran away to hide in Theo’s car! But I wished she ran to her dad though!

Interesting to know that SB wasn’t actually kidnapped by the time of the broadcast but the “kidnapper” used a pre-recorded version of SB’s voice, the time she called out to her mom when Mina was threatening them in episode 11. So is SB hiding somewhere safely, is someone protecting her or is she in the hands of the bad guys by now?

Anyone else here rooting for the BY and Jenny romance?!? They’d make a cute couple! (and BT, don’t ask why Jenny likes DC, she’s not the only one, he’s just irresistible)

Glad SH knew to make sure and check the storage house by the lake first for SB since that was where she was kept in the previous timeline! But even she noticed how much events are changing once DC told her that SB looked afraid in the CCTV but in the previous timeline, she ran happily towards nanny.

SH-ah, why oh why did you have to show the President that picture of SJ and the three guys (and is it just me or SH is ALWAYS carrying a photo of some kind with her?)! I know she said by doing that the president would do a private investigation, but even DC doesn’t really buy that! It wasn’t worth revealing how much they knew!

And the way the president reacted to the picture obviously shows that he knows something and then the way more and more people stepped up to try and stop SH and DC throughout the remainder of the episode must mean the president has something to do with it right?!?!

And what exactly does the face the creepy secretary of state make mean?

And when SH, DC, WJ and HG confronted Theo, loved that DC called him strawberry! And look at gansta ahjumma with all her men!

And DC, you don’t have to stare at ahjumma in such a swoonworthy way! But I definitely do not mind all this physical contact you got going!

Aish SB and her taxi fee! If only DC told her back in episode 8 that 1000 won will not cut it for taxi fare! can’t believe the manager, to save Theo’s reputation, just kicked a poor helpless child onto the side of the street!

Yes! DH’s camera did in fact still have film in it from 10 years ago! Now besides finding SB to save her from her own fate, DC and SH need to find her so that we can see what’s on those pictures to also save DC and DH!!!!!

Awwww, YG was too great! Loved how hard he tried protecting SB! When DC found out that YG had seen SB the night she disappeared while looking threatening with a rock over his head, DC was fuming, thinking his nephew had something to do with SB’s disappearance!

Glad they found out the truth behind YG’s heroic act and that SH appreciated YG’s efforts! You can tell that when DC found out that his nephew was beaten, DC was mentally saying “I’m gonna get that bastard back for this”! DC doesn’t admit it but he loves his nephew and family a whole damn lot!

So glad SH and DC are slowly piecing things together! They now think that this is an inside job and the kidnapper is probably police since he knew the facts of the killings, i.e., 14 stab wounds!

Oh Theo, so he knows something! Glad he’s trying to help DC and SH but too bad he was arrested on drug charges (conspiracy) and then threatened by his lawyer that if he talked, his child (?) will be in danger! (I think since the lawyer brought up that his love was pregnant and since his love has been dead for 5 years now, it must be a child…)

So looks like the third guy in the photo (not Theo’s brother or the guy in the mental institute) was Gramp’s son! Now it makes sense why gramps wants to correct the wrongs from 10 years ago! His son was killed to cover it up! And guess what, Gramps is an angel after all, his foundation is called “Angel Foundation”. Coincidence? I think not!

And for all those that guessed it was the photographer (“not everything you see is the truth”), way to go!!! 😀

DC is so protective of the people around him, not just SB and SH, but when he found out that Jenny was beaten for information (and I really hope nothing else…) he was devastated and wanted her to quit right away! DC, SH, SB, BT and Jenny have definitely formed a little family!

It really was sad to see Jenny slapping herself, and how this time around, the mental hospital scene was nothing of a joke! The tone was no longer lighthearted since the guilt of Jenny’s injuries and the severity of the situation they have gotten themselves into! Also, this time around the doctor obviously know they are lying and it obviously in on the cover up!

The last few scenes just got me! DC, the hero, manages to keep the thugs from getting to SH while she unlocks the cell to get to the Mayor’s son (what’s his name?), and then pushes Jenny out, ready to fight all of them on his own!

Mr. I know you are awesome but don’t get too bruised and beaten!

Nooooo, don’t kill him! He’s one of the few who know the truth and they want to silence him for good just when he was opening up too! 😦

I am always amazed at SH’s memory skills and I love that all the little items found with SB’s body in the previous timeline are making a reappearance like the puzzle piece from Snake’s van and the bell of the Angel Foundation!


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