God’s Gift-14 Days Episode 11 Ramblings

So the preview that was supposedly for episode 11 most probably is for episode 12…

This family! ❤ Trouble just follows them like the plague! 🙂

What I love about this show is it’s attention to detail! Details tend to make or break a show for me and God’s Gift has this skill down to an art form! There is never anything introduced or mentioned in the show that will not come back later to haunt the characters!

1) SB’s hairpin! I’m soooo glad that it was brought up again in this episode and that DC remembered that he saw it in the previous timeline! It was heartbreaking to see DC begin to question himself though!! You can see it in his eyes, him trying to make sense of it all and praying that he has nothing to do with anything! The question remains, why did DC have that in his pants pocket before, even though it could be that as he was bumping up against the trashcans the hairpin just happened to get on him (and what’s up with the bloodied sleeve? Of course a bloodied sleeve after fighting is normal, but it’s not normal how much the camera focused on it in episode 2…) Also, how does that fact that YG gave her this hairpin play into the mystery??

2) I totally called the fact that WJ shot YG and not DC since episode 7 when WJ apologized to YG and just the way YG treated WJ (kind of like a subconscious uneasiness) yet he loves his uncle DC so much! I can’t believe WJ made DC believe he shot his own nephew for all these years! My poor DC! WJ deserved all the beating that DC ever gave him!!!!!! But at least he’s still trying to protect SH and DC to some extent…The slick move by him to delete SH’s contact info in his phone was great!

Okay and I agree with SH, only person we can trust is good old (handsome) DC (and his crew to an extent, they did their best and I have to give it to them for trying to protect SB and SH’s location before all the threats), because all the shenanigans the other boys did in this episode was ridiculous!!Loved that SH was smart enough to cal DC in that situation and talking out loud key landmarks (is DC #1 on her speed dial yet?? :D)

However, I can’t believe when DC and gang saved SH from the police car that he just left the criminal behind until it was too late!!
-_- (loved his little comment about her biting the criminal and how it’s not Twilight or anything LOL-except for the fact that I hate that series)

Also, that second time that DC and crew got pulled over for being on the warrant list, why in the world did SH think it would be a good idea to run towards the creepy grassy river area instead of running into the arms of DC (who was surrounded by police officers)???

Gotta love DC and HG, and their fake argument to get the keys, it was so adorable!!!

UGH, HJH was intolerable in this episode! So he runs into a ramshackled house, sees his daughter and wife completely frozen by fear (SH even stained by MN’s blood) and he doesn’t even stop to ask is SH is okay and just simply takes SB away? And how is it not possible for a mother to take her daughter out of the hospital without having to hide?

Aside: what was up with the neighbors? Of course SH was going to defend herself and her daughter when there’s an intruder in her house! *le sigh*

Also is it legal for HJH to just call a mental institute to lock SH up in? Like there’s no tests needed or anything? SH and HJH seriously need to get a divorce soon so he can stop doing all this crap (and so they will stop calling each other “Yeobo”)! And I hated the fact that he knew SH would never stab Mina yet he still used it to convince her mom (who turns out to be a rather decent and good mom) that she needs to call him first and then used it to get her into the mental hospital!

That leads to my rant about SH, she’s locked up in an insane asylum and instead of trying to act rationally to convince them of her sanity, she acted even crazier! Of course they would think she’s unstable….At least she was quick enough to pickpocket SB’s pocket for her phone! Also I really hope SH texted DC where she’s at so he can come and get her out of there!!!

It was so heartwarming to see how much DC cares to SB and how desperate he was for her to free herself from the freezer truck! That look of fear he got when he realized she was in a freezer truck was just…(Also like that one of the first thing he asks is where her mom aka SH is…) That little game and then him walking her through the steps to knock open the trucks door was just priceless!!! Glad to see SB listening and that crush definitely came in handy for DC to use! 🙂 Probably my favorite scene in the episode!

And yes, I’m really hoping DC will be SB’s dad! He acts more like a dad to SB than HJH!! “where’s MY SB” ❤

That cliffhanger! Dang!!! We knew it was coming! How’s Captain Awesome and his Ahjumma going to save the day??

Hoping we get more scenes of DC tomorrow and more scenes of SH and DC!!

So there’s definitely two bigger forces pushing against each other! Those people trying to correct the wrongs done 10 years and ago and prevent the death penalty from being re-established and those trying to cover up their crimes…Of these two forces, the kidnapper was probably from the side who wanted to correct the wrongs and held SB captive as a political hostage to get what they wanted without the actual intention of harming her, but of course, SB ran away and drowned…so SH and DC are really chasing down the kidnapper in hopes of saving SB but the chase more importantly will yield the answers behind the truth and mystery behind all of this so they can help fight it and correct it!


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