God’s Gift-14 Days Episode 11 Preview

The preview has been released and it is a heart stopping one.

*Update: video preview

SB goes missing and SH and DC are desperate to find her!

The masked-tattooed man confronts WJ and they do not look like they are on friendly terms!

Theo contemplates SH’s requests (seems like all one needs is a pictures of adorable SB to join the quest to save SB’s life..:D)

Hmm we see someone in a room (looks like Theo’s attic) taking (?) a picture, I can’t see it clearly so is it a picture of Theo and his older brother or do I see DC??

And looks like YG got hurt trying to protect SB?

Note: This part of the preview caught my attention: is SB in a trashcan in an alley? Maybe the same trashcan that DC bumped up against in the previous timeline where he ended up with a bloodied sleeve and SB’s hairpin?….But DC, SH and SB please no one get hurt! 😦

Looking forward to the next episode!!!!


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