Behind the Scenes of God’s Gift-14 Days

When watching a show as intense as God’s Gift it’s always lovely to see what the atmosphere is like on the set when the actors aren’t filming!

Recently, SBS has released some great BTS footage of the cast members and you really get to see how adorable they all are and just how well they get along with each other! Puts a smile on my face!

Watch some of my favorite clips below!

Credit: SBStvjobs

Ha I love how Lee Bo Young was looking all cute towards Jo Seung Woo wearing Saet Bul’s hat and he kind of just ignored her! lol *pout

Also, these two simply make my day! They are ALWAYS messing and joking around with each other! So much chemistry on and off screen! Love how Lee Bo Young kicked Jo Seung Woo off of his seat by sitting on him until he moved! :))

Poor No Min Woo was kind of ignored while Jo Seung Woo and Lee Bo Young were so fixated of bullying each other, but at least he got a fist bump from Jo Seung Woo and a hand shake with Lee Bo Young!

Of course, who can forget the bts of Jo Seung Woo singing while playing the guitar in the field of grass!! So cute! Kim Yoo Bin definitely has a real life crush on

Credit: Sbstvjobs

And Jo Seung Woo and Lee Bo Young messing around like little kids!

Credit: SBStvjobs

And just because I think he’s hot:
JSW Rain 1


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