God’s Gift-14 Days Episode 9 Recap

Yay another new episode means another piece of the puzzle is put in place. So put that Sherlock cap right back on since this episode is quite a doozy!

So SB finally gets to see Snake live in concert. Congrats to her, after so many obstacles! Look how happy she is.

On the other side, we have DC once again trying to save his Ahjumma (whose car is he driving anyways, I wan wondering this last episode since that’s clearly not DC’s car), in an intense, rain filled fight against SH’s kidnapper—the man with the tattoo (who I have to say, automatically made me think of WJ, is it the eyes? But the voice is different!) on an narrow rooftop! Their balancing skills are amazing until they both fall, luckily onto a pile of cardboard boxes! 😀 Poor DC and his injured hand! DC and kidnapper fight, and it looks like DC is losing but holding on by sheer determination! Also, this kidnapper really looks like he is out to kill or do some serious damage to our DC! Note: SH is the bait, not the end goal. DC is. DC is seriously injured, you know after all those punches he took and being dropped on a car!

The kidnapper brings out a sledgehammer and it looks like he intends to kill DC with it, he doesn’t. As I mentioned in a previous post, this is a warning for DC to stop interfering! Hmm so I’m guessing the kidnapper knows who DC is and how his family has been affected by the murders 10 years ago! Are these two in fact allies, unbeknownst to DC and SH??? Also the shipper in me just swooned at the fact that DC was so worried for his Ahjumma, although he was super injured, because the kidnapper was walking towards her (to cut her ties and release her-obviously!)

Gramps all dressed up in his suit with minions also show up at the Snake concert! SH sits in the ambulance with DC when she gets a call from Jenny that SB is gone. Having called HJH, who is currently being watched and listened to by a person across the street (I’m assuming not the same person that kidnapped SH), realizes she’s probably at the Snake concert! SH LEAVE WOUNDED DC in the ambulance alone, calling after her, to run to SB! ☹ Sad shipper. HJH also gets in his car to find SB but a car, ‘coincidentally’ shows up, and HJH ends up hitting it slightly! Of course we know better and this person was probably planted there as a way to prevent HJH from getting to SB.

DC! Against my advice, goes back to the scene even though he is injured and drives his damaged car off so he can help SH find SB! AW DC I know you are Captain Awesome Ahjusshi, but think of your health also!!! HJH gets pulled over for a hit and run, called in by the person in the garage, presumably! We find out that Theo lost his loved one 5 years ago, a girl, so did he lose his girlfriend? Maybe the daughter of the Destiny Café owner? Gramps doesn’t look happy while looking at the concert and leaves as a man on a motorcycle shows up to the concert! The man takes a staff jacket and roams the crowd to look for SB! Thankfully SB sees the staff shirt and runs off since kids are prohibited from the concert but of course, in the rush she LOSES HER PHONE FOR THE Nth Time!

SB and YG hides amongst Snake’s wardrobe in the van and the tattooed guy reaches in to grab SB but only gets her backpack! Was that what he was after all along?? Maybe. But another staff member saves the two of them from being caught! Of course snake’s whole logo is the ‘revenge’ tattoo! SH freaks out (as she does)!

Time ticks down. 8 Days before the incident!

Oh SH, you never fail to frustrate me! She actually runs up to Snake to ask them where SB is, amidst a crowd of fans and guards, with no proof that they actually took SB! Crazy ahjumma on the loose for the nth time as well! Of course as she’s being manhandled by guards for her craziness, DC shows up, in all his limping glory, to tell the guy to let go of his ahjumma and warns that he’ll beat him up for calling SH, crazy (the guard does have a point though DC)! Theo curiously stands to the side and listens to all this silently!

After talking to Snake and confirming that the tattoo was just an advertising gimmick along with being the logo of Theo’s deceased older brother’s favorite game, SH still asks where her daughter is, still in a daze!

Awww, DC sees that SH is missing a shoe and gives one of his to her!! ❤ And he even wears it for her, like the prince charming that he is (are they wearing matching shows?)!!! ☺ Also DC has a hilarious comment in this part where SH asks why he isn’t at the hospital and he says “ you ask pretty quickly. Why don’t you ask next year?” ROFL!!! DC and his timing! He was actually too worried for her to go to the hospital peacefully, knowing she’s running around on her own!

DC notices SB’s backpack in another staff members hands and realizes it was thrown away. So backpack it wasn’t.

YG and Sb end up riding in the van all the way to Theo’s house where a party is taking place. The camera also focuses on a jacket with some words which I have no idea what it says! While YG is the voice of reason and wants to leave, SB-ugh, wants to give Theo a birthday gift!! Girl listen to your oppa!!

SB picks up a picture of Theo with, presumably, his girlfriend! Can anyone tell if this is the same girl in the picture the Destiny owner lady showed SH? Hilariously SB says that she’s not jealous and that she has someone she secretly likes! Who wants to bet its DC ahjusshi?!? Lol

Gramps meets with Theo, who is super angry about the fact that he just realized his brother’s death was not an accident like he initially beleive! Sb and YG find a hidden staircase to an attic! YG finds a picture with young Theo, his older brother and another man along with ‘Soo Jung’ noona, DC’s first love! Omo! How are they all connected? YG keeps the picture to give his uncle DC. I’m surprised YG even knows about SJ since she died before his brain trauma, and he was still young then!

Gramps warns Theo that by digging into the truth behind his brother’s death can lead to his own death and possibly injure the people around him! Of course SB drops a snow globe at this moment and Theo goes to check finding Sb and YG hidden in his closet. Gramps sees SB and Yg and leaves.

DC and SH go back to the apartment from last week where they found all the evidence of someone stalking SH’s house to find it completely empty. SH begs WJ to help find SB. DC gives a profile of the guy they’re looking for: 185 cm tall, 80 kg in weight, foot size 285 mm, left handed, well versed in special martial arts, so DC concludes that the guy must have Special Forces background….oh now the military branch of the government might be involved?

DC tells HG that he hid one of the suspect’s gloves at the demolition site and to go look for it for fingerprints! WJ seems way to eager to go look for the glove in place of HG, which makes me super suspicious of him (added on to my previous suspicions).

SH remembers that in the past timeline, SB is later found at the police station while trying to go to a Snake concert so she and DC go to look for Sb there. Good thing YG and SB are brought to the station by the manager.

Poor DC collapses from the pain of his injuries! Go to the hospital! No matter how awesome, you are not made of steel! Of course, this means he doesn’t see YG with SB.

HJH finally shows up and SH and him duke it out about who’s worthy of taking care of SB. He even says, with a threatening tone, that if she stays still nothing will happen to SB! HJH sees SB’s new shoes (or something) and asks if it’s “that bastard’s (i.e., DC)” with a hint of jealousy. He then tells SH to go check on DC who’s lying on the floor in pain, which distracts her enough to let HJH pull SB away. To her credit, SH does run over to check on DC. It’s the least she can do!

For some reason, there’s a Snake logo in HJH’s car…WJ goes to the demolition site and finds the glove.

SH is by DC in the hospital and the doctor asks what we’ve all been wondering, how could she let DC run around in that state. He’s strong. Surprisingly (or hilariously), DC has no broken bones… really, he really is made of steel!

Sh calls Wj to ask if he found anything and he LIES and says no while throwing her lost shoe and the glove, DC fought so hard to hide, into a can and setting them on fire!!! I knew it! WJ is a VERY suspicious guy!!

HJH looks for something in SB’s snake backpack. So the backpack was important!! What was it? Turns out it was the jewelry DC and SH found in the serial killers apartment. One of the rings had JH ❤ TH engraved!

Apparently Theo’s brother was about to tell the truth on something, I guess that’s why he was silenced in what looked like an accident.

DC continues to have nightmares about the murder of 10 years ago. He wakes up to find Sh sleeping by his side and the first thing he asks is why she’s here and where’s SB. Awwww!

Turns out today is the day SB gets kidnapped so DC tells SH to go to SB. SB is still angry at dad and we see the picture that YG stole from Theo’s house is still with SB. DC’s mom and YG show up at SB’s house and mom continues her snooping to find evidence to help DH. HJH catches her in the act and has just this look of disdain. She begs him to help her save her son since he’s innocent. HJH tries to kick her out and even violently pulls on her, causing her to collapse. Evil man! As grandma and Yg leave, SH runs in. If only a little earlier! SH asks if HJH really hit grandma which he denies (not totally true or false) and says would he hit someone. Um yes, yes you would. You slapped Mina in the last episode, remember?

YG, SB and SH spend some quality time together (along with doing a product placement for a very nice Canon Camera). SH realizes that their time together is the most important! She wishes that she’ll have time to be a good mother to Sb. I hope that wish comes true as well!

DC is in the hospital and is visited by Jenny and the other guy who helps them. Hilariously, DC goes right to laying back down and shielding himself with the blanket at the sight of Jenny! Haha! At the mention of his Ahjumma, DC perks right up and calls her. He even fiddles with the blanket like he’s talking to his crush (which he is lol) and asks her why she’s at the office, to which she answers, to look at the homicide cases from 10 years ago. DC thinks back to when he threw his brother’s case in the glove compartment of his car. That might just bite you in the a** later on.

DC immediately leaves the hospital to go and help SH, more likely try to prevent her from seeing his brother’s case. However, upon looking at the cases, DC finds it strange that of all the cases, only his brother’s case is missing in HJH’s case files. Strange indeed!

HJH calls SH home to tell her that he will give her a divorce (internal scream!!! The shipper in me is happy!! Yay! Go DC and SH) so he wants her to come home instead of sleeping at another person’s house! No I like the hijinks of SH and SB living with SB. Don’t go home! SB writes in her diary that she will be an obedient daughter and stay close to SH since SH is sad lately! Who wants to bet how long that mentality will last in the face of Snake or some other distraction? SB you have good intentions but please follow through on them!

SH thinks back on the treasure chest that was locked in the previous timeline and was then opened by someone. She opens it to find the picture of SJ, the one YG stole, and miraculously, SB’s image reappears on the Polaroid!! They are getting closer to solving the mystery!! Have they prevent SB from dying??????

SH shows DC the picture and he is flustered and shocked to see it, asking where it came from! You can see he’s really shaken up. DC doesn’t share his knowledge with SH! DC we need more honesty on your part!! Good thing we get detective, crime writer SH who pieces together information like the last page of SB’s diary being ripped out in the previous timeline! Yay thinking SH!!

DC leaves with the excuse of not feeling well! Which I believe because his face even changes color and he can’t walk stably from the shock! Poor guy!

DC finally comes to the realization that SJ’s death might have to do with SB’s death and that there might be something he doesn’t know about the incidence from 10 years age!! Yay, go DC, find the truth!!

In the end, DC drives SH and SB to the place where SB’s body was discovered. Family trip!?!?

In a very uncharacteristic move, DC tells SH that they should split up to look (says the man who always wants SH in his line of vision) and that’ll he’ll take SB along with him, probably to ask her about the picture.

SH asks some grandmas on the road if they know any of the 4 people in the picture but they all reluctantly say no before all quickly getting up to leave! They so totally know! She finally meets a real estate agent who remembers SJ as a beauty and how she dated a boy which caused the town to be abuzz (was it DC?). It was DC and the agent tells SH how the older brother killed her. SH finally remembers her interview with DH and connects him to Sj’s death, Ki Dong Ho (lady, last name similar to someone else you know?) I’m also surprise the agent and his wife hasn’t mentioned DC’s name yet in their story.

DC and SB have a beautiful moment in the field full of tall stalks of grass. DC takes pictures of SB and SB spots the guitar in the car. SB wants to here ahjusshi play the guitar which he declines (the look on his face when he does is just heartbreaking) but SB’s aegyo wins.

DC plays the guitar and sings SB a meaningful song (which I’ve heard before somewhere but can’t place it) about saving his loved one again. Can we just take a moment to relish in JSW’s beautiful singing voice and his guitar playing skills??! Okay done fangirling! During his whole interaction with SB, DC keeps seeing SJ. It’s rather sad and heartbreaking!

SB asks if ahjusshi will be the one to save her, her Knight. Awww. Sb even asks DC to wait 10 years to marry her, which awww, if DC wasn’t already reserved for her mom Haha! SB, you can have DC as a step-dad!! She makes a puppy face and even gives him a kiss on the cheek! Lucky girl!! Haha! But DC accepts, just wanting her to grow up prettily!

DC promises to protect SB no matter what! Aww!

SH goes to the exact place where the picture was taken. SB runs up to hug her and we get this eerie and ominous voice over with SB crying for her mom!


Let’s all enjoy this together! (credit: SBS)

Seriously, how many suspects, murderers, and kidnappers do we have on the loose! This is part of what keeps me on my toes every episode but seriously, it’s a dangerous world they live in! This episode was filled some answers but mostly brought up more questions! Is DC the 3rd guy in the picture? What was written in the last pages of SB’s diary? What is the meaning of JH ❤ TH and what role will the rings play? Why did WJ burn the evidence? Is SB safe now that her image has reappeared on the Polaroid? What does SJ’s death have to do with SB’s death? What is DC’s real history? How does Theo and his brother factor into all of this? What was Theo’s brother trying to reveal? Who is gramps and what role does he play in this mystery? There’s just so many I can’t name them all!

Surprisingly, this was also the first episode where the cliffhanger was a lot more quietly ominous and did not make me sit on the edge of my seat! Is this the calm before the real storm hits, probably? I’m soooo excited to see what happens in tomorrow’s episode with SH slowly piecing the puzzle together, especially how DC is related to the overall mystery. At this point, I really wished DC would have told SH the truth about his brother and him knowing SJ since before, his silence might have been to avoid the whole “my brother’s a murderer” story, but now that they both know SJ’s death plays a bigger role, I don’t want DC keeping this from SH. When SH does find out, if she does on her own and not through him, he will have to answer SH’s anger and possibly distrust in him!

I’m glad that SH is finally making some real progress! She’s finally using her brain and not just her heart in this episode to solve the mystery! She’s the one that places a lot of clues together, such as the treasure chest and the diary. She was also a lot more rational, minus the beginning at the Snake concert, and she now realizes that time with her daughter is the most important!

HJH and WJ continue to be the most suspicious people on this show (and gramps too)! HJH clearly knows that DH was innocent yet he continues to feel no remorse and even bullys grandma out of the house. As for WJ, I was always suspicious of him, and now that he burnt the evidence, I’ve been given more solid proof! Now I’m sure he ruined DC’s career in the police force on purpose and is probably the true person behind YG’s brain damage!

And awww, DC and SB’s relationship ship is simply adorbs!! They are their own ship in the making! If I didn’t want DC for SH (or preferably myself), I would totally be on that ship! Ha! JK, totally on the ship of potential father-daughter in the making!!! DC really has become fond of SB and their moment where he sings to her, even if it brings back memories of his SJ, and his oath to protect her was just beautiful (the scenery really helped too, that place is beautiful if not kind of scary)! And I continue to love how protective DC is of SH throughout the show!! Please let them get together now that SH will be divorcing her husband! But realistically, I understand that DC, especially, still has ghosts in his closet (I hope not literally) that he needs to deal with before he can really be in a relationship with anybody, SH or otherwise, as we saw in this episode. SJ's death has haunted him for 10 years so he needs to find out the truth before he can really move on, even though he may have a crush on ahjumma right now, he can't act on those feelings until he solves the mystery first and foremost! Hoping the end of the road is a light for both SH and DC and not truly filled with darkness!

And then once again JSW is amazing as always! Who doesn’t love a man that can sing, act and play a guitar!! Lucky SB, got a serenade from DC!


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