God’s Gift-14 Days Episode 10 Ramblings

What an episode!!!!!!!!! Loved it!! And yay for an increase in ratings!! I hope the ratings continue to rise!! Please!!!

So first off, my DC aka Captain Awesome is totally innocent! Even if the following pictures of him and his hoodie might appear otherwise! ^^

I have to say, I think this was the first episode that I wasn’t completely frustrated with SH!! I actually loved her little sequence of detective work and piecing everything together! I was super sad when she was suspicious of DC but so happy that conflict was quickly resolved!! I have to say, thank god for WJ! Good thing WJ explained why DC was following killer #1 and the fact that he would not be capable of what SH was accusing him for!! It’s true “DC will risk his life to protect what he wants to protect” so SH should stay by his side FOREVER and ALWAYS!! Good thing DC forgave her quickly! Can’t believe the extent of HJH’s lies about DC, as if DC would do so much manipulation!! Turns out HJH is acting to protect his family, but I still don’t like the guy! Shady is shady!

I thought it was a wonderful juxtaposition when SH went to see grandma for some answers that grandma is desperate to save her own child just as much as SH wants to save SB! I think this really resonated with SH!

And DC totally broke my heart while simultaneously making me crack up in this episode! JSW you are too good! His heartbreak and anger while recounting the events of that fateful day 10 years ago was so intense and well acted!! SJ and him were adorbs, and we got more scenes of JSW playing the guitar which just melts my heart! Also, their relationship was cute (but I have to say, so glad they didn’t actually kiss! Ain’t no girl who’s barely had like 5 minutes screen time was going to kiss my JSW and plus, first kiss is reserved for SH lol). We get more hints as to what happened that night! DC was a completely loving younger brother to his hyung and super protective! I can’t believe the things SJ said (so mean!) about DH’s family and that she was being tied down from her future because of ‘stupid’ DH! No wonder DC got defensive and had a brief argument with her since he just wanted to stay in Mujin for his mom, nephew and DH! For anyone who questioned his filial piety and love for his brother, we got the answer here! He loves his family and it’s a result of the intensity of the love that he was so hurt by what he saw as a betrayal! The more love there is, the more hurt there will be! And we saw private investigator #2 in mujin, DC and him were friends from way back! More connections!:D Only thing I’m worried about is the fact that DC drank right before going to pick up SJ where he saw DH disposing of SJ’s body! DC and drinking=bad news right?!? But the show clearly pointed out the cctv camera for a reason, that DC left behind his sweater and the fact that DH had his camera with him and that he actually took pictures that night so all will definitely be a big clues!!

(look how disappointed our DC is in the last pic 😦 )

OMG the confrontation between the brothers in the jail was so epically heart wrenching! DC still can’t get over the fact that his own beloved brother killed his first love and you can see the hurt he’s been keeping inside him finally boil over! And DH breaks my heart every time, he was so happy to see his little brother, but what is he hiding?!?! Who is he protecting?!? Why did he hit his head against the wall!!????

The little moment SH and DC shared afterwards was so beautiful! I think now SH has complete trust and faith in DC! And DC, ever the sweetheart forgives her quickly!! I love how he was disappointed and told her but they quickly joked with her abut it! He’s a real keeper!!

It was hilarious when DC asked gramps for advice about whether or not he should approach SH about the truth or let her approach him, but not before gramps made fun of DC and asked if the ahjumma dumped him (which DC didn’t deny)! Their hi-fives are adorable!

Also, the scene in the mental hospital was hilarious when DC said Jenny, his supposed sister, became crazy out of no where!! ROFL and Jenny had to play with her hair and everything!! lol The acting was so hilarious, you can just see SH trying to hold in her laughter and oh when DC faked to be the doctor, dang I want and man in a white coat to hold me like he held DC lol! JSW is too amazing, he does things that if you look away for a second, you would miss like that hilarious fake smile he gave to the psychiatrist!!!

So it looks like the third guy in the photo is the key to our mystery! Whoever he is, he obviously is frightening enough for one of the ‘princelings’ the one in the mental institute to be afraid out of his mind just by seeing his picture! So of the three in the picture, one is mentally unstable and the other is dead, both probably a result of their knowledge of the truth! This was what TH’s brother was talking about! Who is this third mystery man?!?!?

Also, who didn’t love DC and his bouquet of flowers for Heidi Lol and his battle of perseverance with TH regarding the house bell! Ha!! And he won! Also, who found it hilarious that when the gaurds showed up in TH’s house, DC’s first instinct was to take off his jacket to fight them! ROFL and “thanks” to ahjumma, he didn’t!! I absolutely LOVE this man!!

Who is HJH trying to prevent from getting at his family?? Who was WJ talking to on the phone right after SH visited?? So many mysteries!!!!

And that ending, I knew it as soon as SB was running away that she was headed for trouble and just the fact that WJ was brought in as a substitute for the crime show was like, RED LIGHT! Hopefully the person holding her hostage is one of our ‘good guys’ and won’t actually do her any harm! Maybe he’s in the house to tell SH about HJH’s wrong doings or something? Also good thing the rings are in SH’s possession again! Also the day 8, the day SB was kidnapped already passed, so did they change fate or did they merely postpone it for now? But I’m just glad SH sees SB and it wasn’t like she disappeared, that would have been way worse!

Also, in the beginning of the episode we see DC reading the book about the mother trying to save her child and then started crossing things out to make edits before reading to SB this new ending! It’s totally a metaphor for DC and SH re-writing history and will totally change fate!!!

But random aside on that scene, who thought DC coming to defend SB was adorable, it was like a dad coming to tell his wife to stop yelling at their kid!! 😡 Also thought it was hilarious that SH basically shut the door in his face!!

Look how cute the Ki family was! 😦

Also, I said this before but I love SH and DC’s fashion in the show!! 😀


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