My New Drama Obsession: God’s Gift–14 Days

Go watch this show NOW if you haven’t started!! This show is amazing! Starring Lee Bo Young, after her great run in My Daughter Seoyoung and I Hear Your Voice, God’s Gift is a mystery, detective, thriller about a mother, Kim Soo Hyun–played by Lee, who loses her young daughter, Saet Byul, but is then miraculously given the chance to go back in time to 14 days before her daughter’s kidnapping. Her goal is to stop the kidnapper before he or she has a chance to harm her daughter. Along for the ride is ex-cop (as in the only other person to time jump with Soo Hyun), now private detective Ki Dong Chan, play by the wonderful and talented (I can’t rave about him enough) Jo Seung Woo! Soo Hyun is surrounded by a cast of men, her husband, human rights attorney and ex-prosecutor , Han Ji Hoon, her first love, detective, Hyun Woo Jin. Of course not all as they appear in a good thriller and all these men, along with Dong Chan (!) are suspect.

These posts will be my ramblings after each episode and will not be very refined! I will be starting with ep. 7 and ep. 8 since I don’t have time to go back to the previous episodes. Here we go!

Ki Dong Chan=DC
Kim Soo Hyun=SH
Saet Byul=SB
Han Ji Hoon=HJH
Hyun Woo Jin=WJ
Young Gyu=YG (Nephew of DC and friend of SB)


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