God’s Gift-14 Days Episode 8 Ramblings

Yay for the double digit ratings, the show finally hit 10%! Hope it continues to rise to at least mid-double digits!!!! Crossing fingers and doing rain dance (there’s quite a bit of rain in this show which makes scenes so much more epic)!!

Sooooo good! We got as many answers as questions in this episode!! Once again, JSW is doing an amazing job in this show! I can’t rave enough about his performance!

I’m so totally going to hell for how hard I am shipping SH, a married woman, with DC, but after the revelations from last episode it might not be too far fetched right? Right?!?! Say yes.

My heart was totally breaking for DC when he confronted his mother and asked her if she still thinks he lied and if Dong Ho is her only son! The way his voice shaked!! I can see where the animosity he has towards his family stems from! Finally, we know that one of the person DH supposedly killed was DC’s first love! L It was just heartbreaking to see his heartbreak! So DC’s mom totally knew that HJH was the prosecutor and actually bribed the previous housekeeper to let her work for SH for a few days to see if she could find any details regarding the case. HJH walked in on her and though he didn’t let on, he was totally suspicious and saw her with DC outside their house!

Also can’t believe SH was thinking of choking mina to death! Ugh. She needs to calm down, again!

And who did HJH meet?!?!?

And WJ, yesterday I said he was probably jealous of DC’s abilities as a great detective and thus attempted to make him look bad in the hearing but now I’m convinced it was actually WJ that caused YG’s brain injury! Every time we saw DC’s shot, we see both YG and the kidnapper go down but not what happened after! I feel like WJ made another shot when he ran to the rooftop that cause the injury to YG’s brain and then blamed DC for it. I say this because WJ looks totally guilty in front of DC AND YG! And the way YG treats him, it’s like he knows WJ is a bad guy, possibly the one that hurt him, and yet, he treats his uncle DC with complete love and adoration. We see how reluctant YG was to interact with WJ when he first entered their apartment and even when he pretended to be excited about his jacket, as soon as his grandma got up and left the room, his face changed and he took off that jacket to wear uncle DC’s gift.

Oh my lovely OTP! So much skinship this episode with DC trying to calm SH down with hugs! And HJH is definitely sensing their connection and is totally jealous. Can’t believe he punched my handsome DC in the face! He’s lucky DC didn’t beat the crap out of him! SH and DC are so made for each other. I loved SB playing cupid especially now that she knows about her fathers misdeeds! The way she looked at DC when he took her to buy shoes was adorable! They look like father and daughter! He completely dotes on her. Loved when DC was trying to decide whether or not to call SH and gramps totally made fun of him! Haha as expected, Gramps in the same place with DC, SB and SH would lead to funny hijinks! Love DC throwing away his precious magazines so SB could use a “clean” bathroom! Loved the conversation DC and Sb had about the taxi and fee, ha Sb is adorable for thinking 1000 won was sufficient and loved how DC played along! And DC totally loves his ahjumma, which look that Jenny called out, yeah, it’s love! SH also sensed DC was looking at her differently! ❤ Even gramps knows that Jenny lost to a woman with a kid lol! But SH don’t ever give DC alcohol!

Skinship and consolation:


"father"-daughter duo (the actress that plays SB has wonderful chemistry with JSW which was obvious from the BTS):

SB seriously needs to stop sneaking out on her own! And howcan gramps just leave her with no one to watch her, he clearly knows Jenny is drunk out of her mind!

The chairman Choo the president and his assistant was talking about is totally going to turn out to be gramps. A rich man opposed to the death penalty? Yep!

And most importantly, Zolpidem (in show as Zolpida)! The bottle of pills SH found in DC’s room when she was cleaning it for him. It’s a drug used for insomnia but some side effects as a result of increased doses is hallucinations and amnesia! Oh no, please, please, please not my DC! This does not bode well for what happened 10 years ago regarding the murders! But this drug would totally explain how DC would have thought he saw hyung kill his girlfriend and then not have a very clear memory of it! But then again it would only really make sense if DC has only been taking the drug as a RESULT of what happened 10 years ago after thinking his brother murdered his first love…I hope this is just another red herring the show is throwing at us.

That cliffhanger!!!! DC will have to save SH again! This can become a drinking game! lol

And the foreshadowing; A storm surely is coming!

And I hope the last picture of the ending credits is part of this foreshadowing, DC and SH together (without the sadness)!

And just because I melt at the way DC looks at SH:


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