God’s Gift-14 Days Episode 7 Ramblings


After the great episodes from last week where DC and SH managed to catch a serial killer who turned out to not be SB’s kidnapper, the chase continues!

What an episode! I love my smart detective so much!! DC was once again wonderful in this episode and proved to truly be the brains and the brawn of this manhunt. Of course, as I said earlier, he has a sixth sense when it comes to his ahjumma regarding the one-way mirror. His instincts and observational skills are phenomenal! I knew he wasn’t just looking at the mirror out of vanity (although he is indeed a fine looking man)! 😀 Loved his conversation with the child killer (that sounds weird) and how he was smart enough to record it! That wink to WJ was just priceless! Even the clip with the blurred faces you can see how smart alecky DC was being looking at the camera directly! lol I was so sad when he couldn’t muster up the courage to go see his hyung and was just crushed when I saw how heartbroken hyung was after his initial excitement at finally being able to see his dongseng DC! And also loved DC’s concern for SH when the pictures of HJH’s affair was shown!


Look at that jealous face of WJ! 
Totally called the HJH and Mina (is that her name)’s affair!!! From the first episode when the person called Mina and said it was time for SH to find out about it and her whole guilty expression, along with the pregnancy and the way she looks at SB, all screamed affair! She obviously is jealous of SB and SH! Seems like the guy with the tattoo is also another red herring, he’s probably not going to be the kidnapper, just someone trying to blackmail HJH and is probably involved with Mina! Plus we all know that SB didn’t draw the image of the tattoo while locked up in the shack just because the kidnapper had it but because she knows what it is and it is now quite popular so she might have drawn it out of boredom! Really wished SB had her phone so she could call SH and tell her that Mina was with the motorcycle guy with the tattoo! She has the worst timing regarding phones running out of battery or not in her possession! Glad to know SB is wise enough now and knows that Mina is not a good person and ran away (albeit to a moving vehicle)!
Oh SH, what can I say about her that I haven’t said already! She seriously needs to take a chill pill! I screamed at the screen so many times because I want her to calm down! Like, really, you are going to drive to HJH’s workplace and run at him to scream at him to ask about what was delivered in from of all those paparazzis? And she’s constantly acting hysterical, not thinking things through. 
However, I think this time around, within the 14 days it’s not just about saving SB’s life but also saving her own image in SB’s eyes. Prior to the time jump, SB saw her mom as unyielding and overly demanding but now she wants to grow up to be just like her! It’s touching and just the way SB looked as SH when she was treating Grandma and YG was filled with a newfound respect and admiration! I just wished SH would stop freaking SB out with her constant shakes and nagging! Never shake a toddler! 
And yes to all the @SH&SCShippers out there, our ship is sailing with this affair! Oh I loved WJ’s jealous face during the scene where DC explains how simple it was for him to find out about the extra room and the way SH looked at DC! Also, loved DC’s comment about how she should never put whip cream on his coffee, maybe a hint that they will be sharing a lot more coffees together in the future??? 😡
Our OTP looking awesome together:
I’m also a little afraid that the three muttered by MS in this episode about getting DC back for that video will haunt us later…

So of course I watched the scene where DC brags about how awesome he is (cuz’ it’s true) with regards to the hidden room and just the way WJ looks at him and reluctantly asks him how he knew, I sensed that he was jealous (but this time not the romantic one that he gives SH a little later at the end of the coffee conversation which I pointed out in a previous comment). It was the kind of jealous look that gives off the vibe that he can’t believe DC is once again ahead of him and is in general a better detective (duh! It’s captain awesome we are talking about). Maybe WJ’s statement during the hearing after DC shot YG wasn’t as innocent as it seems and WJ was purposefully trying to get DC to quit or get fired so that DC can’t steal his spot light anymore. DC was the greatest homicide detective in the precinct during that time. If you all recall, they don’t show WJ’s facial response during the scene where DC quits being a police office. It was soo intense yet we get no glimpse into what WJ was feeling, guilt, regret, sorrow or was it actually maybe a smirk after achieving what he intended? 
Just look at that side eye he gives DC (I have no idea how to do gifs so here’s just a sequence of screen shots, doesn’t capture the nuance of the scene as intended but I tried ^^):
And this picture just because I think DC looks hawt here lol

And another pic of our sexy detective playing darts while working through a case:

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