Drama Recommendation: Reply 1994

Confused on what to watch? Lost in the sea of bad dramas this season? No fear, Reply 1994 is here to save the day. Helmed by the same Writer and PD of the hit TvN cable show Reply 1997 of last year, Reply 1994 gives us another hit of that ’90s pop-culture and what it means to be young. A great slice-of-life show that has a heart and tugs at your heart. The show focuses on family, friends and there’s a great love triangle/square (I honestly don’t know yet) to boot.The Answer Me franchise is great in that it feels natural. The relationships don’t feel artificial or manufactured and it captures something about our past that we all wish we had! I highly recommend that everybody watch this drama (and Reply 1997)! Oh the nostalgia! The show airs in Korea on Friday and Saturday nights and can be watched with subtitles on viki.com


2 thoughts on “Drama Recommendation: Reply 1994

  1. Tribute12 says:

    Oi autumn93.. I agreed Reply 1994 relationship looks natural in K- drama land…!!! Do you love guys that converse in satoori like Sereki or DC?


    • dramapenchant says:

      Hi ya Tribute12!!!! 😀 Haha I think satoori dialects give guys more character lol But you know me, I would take DC (or preferably JSW) in any form!!! (Trash-oppa’s pretty awesome as well!)


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