TVB Drama: Tiger Cubs

I grew up watching TVB dramas, but these days, I rarely do with the quality of these dramas decreasing by the day. There are, however, a few “gems” (as in decent) amongst all the rubbish once in a while and for me, I found it in Tiger Cubs, a police procedural drama (and if you know TVB, there’s nothing they do better than procedural dramas) about the Special Duties Unit (AKA Flying Tigers AKA SWAT) which are in charge of dealing with hostage rescue, counter terrorism and other crimes involving heavy firearms.

The show is high in action and the cases are actually fascinating and well thought out. There’s a good amount of police drama as well as personal drama. It stars Joe Ma and Jessica Hsuan but I think the main focus and heart of the drama is on the rest of the men who make up the SDU Team A. They include Vincent Wong as Yua Chun-Hin, Him Law as Yu Hok Lai and Oscar Leung as Chong Chuk-Yuen.

Side note: The show recently finished airing this past weekend and my verdict is that it is one of the better dramas TVB has released this year. (the best? maybe.) Sadly, as a 13 episode drama, I must admit that the last 4 or so episodes took a turn for the worst, with the cases not stacking of the the previous ones. Also, Jessica Hsuan’s character, Chong Chuk-Wah, was a “tad” bit annoying though I would say bearable and her relationship with her brother Chuk-Yuen (Oscar Leung) was adorable. Joe Ma also needs to work on his acting, since he seemed expressionless or possessed about 2 expressions the entire drama. Overall, this is a good drama for anyone looking for a good TVB cop drama to watch! 🙂


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