Rich Man, Poor Woman「リッチマン、プアウーマン」Episode 6 recap

We continue with episode 6, which felt more like a filler episode with nothing truly major happening, although (hopefully) necessary to the plot. There were, however, some great scenes that carried this episode.

The episode starts with Hyuga giving Yoko a ride home in his car, witnessed by Makoto, who’s walking home alone (again! For once, can’t Hyuga give Makoto a ride?). Yoko asks him if he would like to go up to her place but he refuses! Yoko is clearly disappointed, and Hyuga senses this, so he tells her that he actually has somewhere else he has to go. This lifts her spirit, since that means that his previous no wasn’t really a “no”. Why do you have to be so nice to Yoko?!?! See, this is what leads to misunderstandings in the near future.

Makoto, throws herself on her bed, frustrates, and then decides to call Haruka (her friend) to tell her that she has a gift for her, one of the boxes of tomato juice sent by Aoyama. Haruka instead gets Makoto to go out to an expensive restaurant to fill in for a girl who didn’t show up to a matchmaking party.

Makoto, now feeling more comfortable (alcohol?), starts to make this funny face to imitate a commercial for nattou beans, which the others find highly amusing. Unfortunately for her, during one of her rendition, she sees Hyuga staring at her with the most hilarious look on his face. One of the guys from the party also sees Hyuga and brings him over to the table saying that Hyuga of NI is a friend while Makoto tries to hide. Of course Hyuga doesn’t remember him and then walks over to the bar.

Makoto runs up to him and tries to explain that they forced her to come to the matchmaking party but Hyuga responds that he doesn’t care and she can do as she likes. She’s disappointed at his nonchalantness but then he says that it’s a good way to use the tomato juice and then teases her about the “beans”. You guys are too cute together! Makoto then asks her if he came for a date and that he shouldn’t do that to Yoko since she knows about their relationship. Hyuga remains silent (OMG, if she thinks you guys are dating, clarify!!) but then then manager interrupts them. He brought out the 1300 little gifts that Hyuga had ordered. Hyuga tells the manager that for address and payment, see to Miss Makoto Natsui who’s standing next to him. Makoto is embarrassed to find out that Hyuga was actually at the restaurant for work related reasons.

Makoto ends up having to help Hyuga carry all of the bags out to his car while apologizing profusely to him. He tells her that the gifts are for the shareholders meeting next week. Once he’s in the car, he asks her if she’s staying (at the matchmaking party) which she tries to clarify once again. He says “then…” and looks over the the passenger seat next to him which is filled with the bags. No room for her to sit. Makoto, with such a sad look on her face, says that she’s working and she doesn’t have time for love or a boyfriend (Noooo, don’t tell him that when you know it’s not he truth!!!!!!). However, if he’s even in a tight spot, he shouldn’t hesitate to call her. Hyuga smiles, but says that although he appreciates her enthusiasm, there’s nothing, professionally, that he can entrust a person like her with. She agrees but continues to say:
Makoto: “Well, when you feel down, whatever you need me for, if you want to laugh, please call at anytime, I’ll be the “beans in a pan for you”. It’s not just about laughing, when you are with an idiot, you tune in, you forget to be serious, you leave behind your problems”
Hyuga: “I get it”
He’s clearly touched at her words (and so am I, I just wish she were more confident) and then drives off.

Cut to (traitor) Kosuke on his crutches with Makoto behind him, writing down what he says. She’s looking down as she repeats back to him her notes, which causes her to bump into him, making him scream out in pain (nice!). They go get his car, which has been parked since the night of his injury to find a paring ticket of $320 (!). Kosuke can’t drive so he asks Makoto to do it. Kosuke can’t help but laugh at Makoto’s attempt to figure out how to drive his car! A black plastic bag flies at her windshield and she freaks out (I really don’t think she should be allowed a license lol). Once she gets on the main road, she’s driving about 10 mph and Kosuke keeps talking to her, to purposefully distract her, and she tells him to stop, but he doesn’t listen. Makoto says that he’s just sadistic as Hyuga is and “at first glance [he] [is] gentle but tricky on second thought”. No words from her have been truer. He continues to tease her and can’t stop from smiling until she says more true words, which is that with Hyuga, he offends without the intention to hurt so it’s easy to forgive him but as for Kosuke, he’s quite unlike Hyuga. Kosuke catches on an says that Makoto sure talks about Hyuga all the time, so does she love him? She tries to deny it but Kosuke says that she’s transparent (apparently to everyone but Hyuga himself).

They finally reach Kosuke’s apartment and he invites her up, saying that his sister isn’t home yet. She’s freaked and nervously says that she can’t causing him to laugh out loud and say that he’s kidding. She joins the laughter. Kosuke then sees Tono waving to him and as Makoto is turning around, about to see him, Kosuke grabs her in for a hug causing her to run out of the parking garage in shock.

The meeting of evil convenes and Kosuke tells Tono that people can’t see them together since they might find out that they are connected. Kosuke takes out a usb containing, this time, 5 million personal files, which even shocks Tono. Koesuke says that with just 500,000 personal files leaked, they didn’t have enough leverage. Seriously!?!?

Flashback to the time when Next Innovation was still an up-and-coming company headquartered in what looks like a basement. Tono, Hyuga and Kosuke were the three programmers and Tono brought in $60,000 as the starting capital. They were good friends until one day when Tono came with news that Japan Network Communications wants to buy their company for 100 million dollars. Tono is clearly excited and wants to sell but Kosuke and Hyuga says that Tono doesn’t get it. “What’s the advantage of an acquisition? You are naive Tono” says Kosuke. Tono asks them if they think they can make more than 100 million and Hyuga counters by saying that “you think our worth is only about how much we can make? You’re even pettier than I suspected”. Tono returns and says he wants his independence and Kosuke gives him the money that he brought into the company to jumpstart it. Tono goes on to run his father’s company without much success needing to borrow money all around and hears on the news that Next Innovation is now worth over 1 billion dollars. (Most ridiculous reason for revenge ever!)

So Tono listens to Kosuke and leaks the 5 million personal files, which brings us back to the moment from last episode where Hyuga and co. are trying to stop the leak and figure out who the hacker is. Hyuga holds a press conference and tells the reporters that NI is requesting the help of the police to inquire about the leak. He says that there is no evidence of a hacker so it could be internal, a virus in the terminal or a leak through a USB key. Some of the employees are monitering the stock market and it looks like the stock value of NI is dropping rapidly from $40 a share to $35 and more. Makoto is worries and Yasuoka tries to cheer her up by saying that the president will find a way to revive the company.

Cut to Hyuga walking to the front of the NI “what’s on your mind” wall saying that they are all under investigation since the leak is probably from someone who entered the company recently. He has cleared the retirees so they are the only staff left. The employees are clearly unhappy that their personal belongings will be looked through since they find that to be an invasion of privacy. One employees asks Hyuga what would happen if this investigation doesnt’t unveil anything to which Hyuga reponds that, that would prove that they are innocent so they should thank him (hah! love this guy). The police arrive and looks through the employees belongings. Makoto asks Hyuga if she could keep something and just receives a blank stare as a response lol Makoto is actually one of the people helping to go through the female employees things and they asks her isn’t she the most suspicious since she’s close to the president and even introduced herself under a fake name.

Hyuga sits in his office depressed since the investigation lead to nothing while the stocks continue to fall, now $8 a share. Hyuga, Kosuke, Yamagami, Makoto and others hold a small meeting about what to do next. They will put a hold on the personal files project and Yamagami suggests that Makoto should try to talk to vice director Fujikawa which Makoto happily obliges. That is until Kosuke says that Makoto won’t do since she’s only an intern for the summer and shouldn’t get involved too deeply in these matters. Hyuga lowers his head disappointed which Makoto sees so she says that they can use her for this operation. Hyuga screams at her and says that they can’t entrust her with this, doesn’t she understand that. She’s not an employee so she should just keep quiet for her last two weeks at the company (harsh, the girl’s just trying to help).

Yasuoka and Makoto assemble the gifts for the shareholders meeting and Yoko wants to start a cooking class at the restaurant from 3 to 5pm. Yoko and Makoto meets outside the restaurant and Yoko asks if there’s a problem at the company since her brother doesn’t say anything (um, don’t you watch the news?). Makoto tells her that she wishes she could help but she’s only on a temporary contract but Yoko tells her that at least she could be by Hyuga’s side. This leads Makoto to go on and on how she has not intention on interfering with Yoko and Hyuga’s relationship and with Kosuke and Hyuga’s partnership and their marriage, they are made for each other. Yoko tries to clear up the misunderstanding but Makoto runs off before she can (Ahhh, listen to what she has to say!!!!).

The 5th annual meeting of NI’s shareholders convenes. The shareholders are upset and wants to see Hyuga since the shares have dropped to a tenth of their value. Hyuga decides to go on the stage to confront the issue. The meeting is a riot and the shareholders hurl comments at Hyuga who’s trying to get their opinions on the issue. They want him fired since it’s a result of his personal files project that lead them to losing so much money. Amongst the chaos a hand rises and its a young man in an orange shirt with blonde hair. He has a moving story:
He is unemployed and was having a hard time finding a job. A friend of his did well in the stock-market so he saved up $20,000 and bought up shares at NI. At first he was motivated by gain but after following the performance of the company, he has become a fan of Hyuga since he’s around the same age as Hyuga, didn’t have a good education but he chose different choices. Hyuga has a market capitalization of 3 billion dollars, but he’s trying to change the world, which has brought him hope until it came to this dilemma which is disappointing since the shareholders only care about money, so he’s losing hope.
Hyuga is affected by the speech while the others yell at the young man to stay out of it.

The young man sits down but Hyuga asks him to stand up again and tell him his name. It’s Takahiro Sakai. Hyuga bows deeply and says “I’m deeply sorry” to the shock of everyone. He also says “Thank you Mr. Takahiro Sakai. I will never forget your name”. Hyuga tells Takahiro that he can’t refund his $20,000 but give him another chance to fix this and make a better world. He promises that the Personal Files Project will proceed successfully and a profit will be made so he shouldn’t sell his shares because he will rejoice in that decision soon enough. Takahiro was moved by that speech and so was Makoto but the other shareholders don’t agree that they should continue with the project and they want their money back.

As Hyuga is walking off stage, a woman throws tomatoes at him (!!). She asks him what’s with this fantasy of a better world and if he thinks he can use their money however he wishes. She says that he spent $10 on those gifts, wears nice suits and lives a luxurious life. He bows and leaves the stage. The shareholders leave a mess behind for Makoto and the rest of the employees to clean up.

Back in his office, Hyuga, still tomato stained, is being yelled at by Kosuke for bringing up the personal files project. Kosuke says he’s wrong, that up until today he tagged along on all of Hyuga’s projects but now he thinks they should accept JI Tech’s offer. He calls Hyuga selfish since this was all to get to his mother before leaving. Hyuga doesn’t say anything but is clearly angry and his eyes are red with tears. Makoto hears all of this.

The stock prices have now plummeted to $3.20 a share which means a loss of $240 million. Kosuke is on the phone and tells the person on the other line to buy as much as he can since the stocks have hit rock-bottom and smiles.

Makoto goes into Hyuga’s office with a towel for him to wipe off but he’s avoiding her face. He says that it’s $3 billion, made in an instant and lost in an instant. He asks if his more is still alive since that’s all he wanted to know, never planning to meet her. His eyes are brimming with tears as he asks her why she isn’t saying anything since she loves it when he opens up to his feelings. She’s still speechless and he admits that his methods were wrong.

Fujikawa wants to hear about the situation. Hyuga tells Makoto to go with Kosuke since he thinks that if he goes, he’ll just create more friction. Kosuke and Makoto are heading out when Kosuke almost trips causing Makoto to help steady him, which Hyuga sees. When they return, Hyuga has left his office. Makoto is worried and wants to call him but Kosuke stops her. The two work together through the night. Makoto tells Kosuke that she’s glad, having thought that he and Hyuga couldn’t cooperate any longer after that argument. Also, that she envies him for always being a source of strength to Hyuga.

Hyuga is in his large house alone, sitting in a corner. He thinks back to the time that Makoto told him to call her anytime and her “beans” face causing him to smile. (awww) He picks up his phone and calls her.

Makoto goes into Hyga’s office and sees his dirited clothes lying on the table and she gently picks up his shirt and sees that tomato stain. Kosuke comes in and apologizes about the hug from the other day but to him it wasn’t a joke. Her phone rings, but it’s in the other room (Rule 1: Bring your phone with you at all times, if you tell someone to call anytime!)

kosuke tells Makoto that it angers him since she only thinks about Hyuga. Hyuga, on the other hand is still trying to get through to her on the phone but only gets her answering machine. (oh the look on his face when he thought he got through to her!) He calls her a liar and throws himself down on his sofa, sad. his doorbell rings and he pops up. He rushes to the door, but who is on the other side but Yoko.

Hyuga chuckles (from false hope?) and let’s her in. She brought with her a new dish she would like him to try. The two sit on the ground to eat and drink wine and talk about Kosuke. Hyuga tells Yoko that he’s glad she came. She says that she is too and gets up to go to the kitchen. Hyuga’s phone rings, he slowly walks over to get it but Yoko grabs his hand before he can pick it up (why you ruin everything?). She says that this is a misguided move and that she’s pathetic for making a move on him while he’s down (so she aware of this also?). She confesses that she came because she loves him and then kisses him. They break apart but THEN HE GOES IN FOR A SECOND KISS while poor Makoto is trying to get through to him on the phone!!!!!!!!!!


Why in the world did he go in for that second kiss!?!? The first kiss was bad enough, but she initiated it so it wasn’t his fault but why did he kiss her back??? Not cool man! I know you are down and depressed but I’m still upset and shocked about it!


I still don’t understand Kosuke. He’s bringing down the company he OWNS while trying to get back at Hyuga for, what?, taking the lead in the company? How he is going to revive this company is a mystery to me. Also, Tono’s reason is ridiculous. It was his decision to leave the company, since he, himself didn’t believe that it could make more than the 100 million that company was offering to buy it for. It was his fault he couldn’t run his family company properly and then when he found out NI was worth billions, he blames Hyuga? Really, even if he were to have a legitimate reason to carry out revenge (which he doesn’t), shouldn’t he be taking it out on BOTH Kosuke and Hyuga, why just Hyuga????

I really hope by the next episode, Makoto builds up some confidence because right now she has a very limited amount. The misunderstanding she has of Yoko and Hyuga’s relationship needs to be clarified SOON because it is a hindrance to the speed of the show. She needs to tell Hyuga how she feels and fight for her man!


2 thoughts on “Rich Man, Poor Woman「リッチマン、プアウーマン」Episode 6 recap

  1. ermana says:

    hai sis…. thanks for a good recap
    this episode give a multiple feeling, i cry when i saw Hyuga cry, and laughing with Makoto joke (“beans in a pan for you”) hahaha….. now i have an enough reason to HATE yoko ( for a second KISS and feel disappointed to Hyuga (why he need to kiss her? you should be strong beb and it’s just show hyuga is easy person….WHERE IS MY OLD HYUGA that have a strong character emmmmmmm?
    YESSsssss Hyuga have a feeling with Makoto (scene – when he think about makoto, when he cry and call her as a liar woman)
    hope there is no heart attack scene anymore and Makoto please reveal your feeling to Hyuga
    it’s annoying to think i need to wait until the next monday to get an answer huhuhu


    • dramapenchant says:

      You are welcome! :p Yes, I really hope Hyuga and Makoto will share their real feelings with each other by episode 7. How can it be that Hyuga and Yoko have had 3 kisses already and our OTP: 0 kisses? Not fair!


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