Da Mo Yao (Ballad of the Desert)

One of my most anticipated c-drama of 2013 will be Tangren’s drama adaptation of one of my favorite novels in recent memory, Da Mo Yao (translated as Ballad of the Desert), by Tong Hua. The novel is simple yet beautiful. It includes political intrigue and bits and pieces of Chinese history during the expansion of the Han Dynasty but in the end, it is just a sweeping romance!

The story tells of a young orphaned girl,Yu Jin ( later Jin Yu), who was raised by a wolves in the desert. She gets adopted by a Han man but through a series of events she is once again alone in the desert, with only her wolf brother as her companion. While roaming the desert, Jin Yu then meet two young men who are to influence and shape her life forever. One is the legendary warrior god of the Han Dynasty, Huo Qu Bing, and the other is a rich business man, Meng Xi Mo (Meng Jiu or Jiu Ye). After meeting Huo Qu Bing, Jin Yu decides to journey to the capital city of the Han Dynasty, Chang An, and that’s where the real story begins. In Chang An, Jin Yu meets the two men from the desert again but due to fate, she meets the man she wasn’t expecting first. Jin Yu faces the ups and downs of living at the political heart of it all meanwhile learning that love is not as simple as it may seem. Hearts are given away, some are accepted, while some are rejected and broken.

I won’t give away anymore detail of this novel, afraid of spoiling too much (read the english translation on http://ockoala.wordpress.com/) but I am very excited for the drama adaptation which stars Lui Shi Shi as Jin Yu, Hu Ge as Meng Jiu, and Eddie Peng as Huo Qu Bing. At first I was reluctant with the casting, but after watching Eddie in Love You You,Hear Me, and Jump Ashin, I think he will make a wonderful Huo Qu Bing and has the acting chops to do so! Here’s a bts clip of the production. The set looks beautiful!


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